our story


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beatiful journey of our life

Our first dating

28 Feb 2013
That was so wonderful

Sonal is very fond of Modern Art and keeping that in mind Nitin took her to Modern Art Gallery near India Gate, New Delhi. That’s about the end of the usual date scenario here…their first date was never like the “first date’s”. They bonded so well, that no one…not even them felt it was their “first date”. Apart from usual talks, they were able to understand each other more through the art and how both of them connected to the art. Who could have thought that an art gallery and bring 2 kids together for life time

How he proposed

16 Nov 2016
That day changed everything

It was not any dream proposal with lots of props or anything. It was just a quite evening on a beach, with just waves and sunset to accompany our beloved couple. He never went down on his knee, but took her in his arms and said I want to be with you to see all the coming sunsets in my life, just like this…Marry Me.

Now we together

18 Oct 2016
We're waiting for the best

Being together for rest of the life is an absolutely amazing thing and especially when you love that person from bottom of your being. This happy couple, surely had an amazing story, but the main part is still left to be written and they both feel that it will be filled with both ups and downs, but at end of the day, it will be worth it…totally worth it. God Bless them!

It is just the starting

Many more happy moments to came in rest of the life

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